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About me

I’m Carrie. I am a Pacific Northwesterner, through and through. I grew up in Oregon, and have spent my adult life living in both Oregon and Washington. Now I am raising my family in the Willamette Valley. In addition to spending time with my family and friends, I am also a [very slow] long-distance runner.

Many years ago, I became interested in how psychedelic experiences can introduce flexibility into beliefs about oneself and about the world. I can offer grounded, ethical, compassionate support for your journey.

Why Myna Bird Journey Support?

You might find me to be a good fit for your psilocybin journey if you: feel most comfortable with a facilitator who is kind, humble, and highly attentive to ethical considerations and who is able to de-center her own worldview to understand your range of intersecting identities. Also, if you feel most comfortable with a facilitator who has extensive experience in the mental health field, and whose practice has emphasized non-judgment and de-shaming, working compassionately with past hurts, and using the client’s own sense of values and meaning as fuel for creating a greater sense of well-being, then I may be a fit for you. If you long to examine your relationship to your thoughts, emotions, body, spiritual side, and sources of meaning all without feeling others’ opinions are being imposed on you, then you may appreciate my approach. Do you have more questions about my approach? I invite you to reach out for an initial free consultation.


You may wish to do some research and know of available resources before embarking on a psilocybin journey.

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I offer preparation for a legal psilocybin journey, support during the journey, and follow-up/integration sessions after the journey. I can also support people who are trying to decide the pros and cons of a psilocybin journey. I am happy to assist in finding additional resources, such as supportive medical providers and therapists.

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